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2 - 02/01/2019

At Navexpo, an Efinor Sea Cleaner ship fights against pollution in the port of Lorient

At Navexpo, an Efinor Sea Cleaner ship fights against pollution in the port of Lorient

From March 28 to 30, the professionals' fair opens the floodgates in Lorient and will offer demonstrations sure to please the crowds: the Waste Cleaner 83, master at depollution, will demonstrate its effectiveness in the port of Lorient.


EFINOR Sea Cleaner specializes in the design, manufacture and marketing of multi-service marine pollution control vessels with unique patented technology. Their Multi Cleaner range offers truly versatile vessels combining the functionality of a workboat with that of a depollution ship.


Innovative and zealous


Recently sent to the Var coast following the collision between a container ship and a ferry off Corsica, the Waste Cleaner 83 is a marine cleaning powerhouse and can clean 10.000 m2 / hour. With a launch simplified by its single lifting point, this boat with a 8 meter road gauge can easily be towed anywhere in France for urgent intervention.


Operational in any weather


With its ogre’s appetite, it can swallow up to 1000 cubic meters / hour and recover 800 kg of solid waste: jellyfish, seaweed, sewage. Floating waste, solid or liquid including hydrocarbons, is sucked into its aluminum belly. Extremely maneuverable, it slips between the hulls, under the pontoons on the tracks of all intruders. All hydraulic operations can be controlled by one person. On all fronts, its patented self-floating arms also make it possible to weather rough seas.


A very organized lifesaver

A flow generated by a turbine is created at the front to suck the floating pollution and articulated arms unfold to rake wide. This flow passes through a settling tank equipped with a basket that collects solid waste. While the clear waters are evacuated, the pollution enters through a separator where it is stored or transferred by another means (towed barge or floating tank).

With its small size, the sea cleaner by Effinor is efficient for localized pollution. But when you think of the waste vortex in the North Atlantic, it will take a lot of other achievements to stem the pollution of the oceans. Floating dam, quadrimarans and ecological catamarans will soon be at work to purify the big blue.


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