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1 - 05/02/2020

Cherbourg-en-Cotentin is the third best managed medium-sized city in France, according to a ranking published in Le Point

Cherbourg-en-Cotentin is the third best managed medium-sized city in France, according to a ranking published in Le Point

The Ifrap Foundation, an expert in deciphering public policies, unveils its list of the best managed cities with more than 65,000 inhabitants,  in France. In the "medium-sized cities" category (between 80,000 and 107,565 inhabitants), Cherbourg is on the third step of the podium, behind Colombes and Versailles.

Ranking methodology

For months, the foundation team analysed the books of the communes of France for the financial year 2014-2018. A way gain insight into spending and investments and to determine how debt and taxes weigh on the population. A score of 20 is calculated on the management of operating expenses (including staff costs), capital expenditures, debt as well as the growth of taxes (including local). The ranking indicates the best managed cities in four categories: very large (Villeurbanne, Angers, Toulouse), large (Boulogne Billancourt, Annecy, Besançon), medium (Colombes, Versailles, Cherbourg) and small (Colmar, Quimper and Issy-les-Moulineaux).

Medium-sized cities

In 2018, the 20 medium-sized municipalities posted an operating expenditure of 1,885€/inhabitant (decrease of 65€ compared to 2014) and an investment of 542€/inhabitant. In terms of debt, these cities have a debt of 2,195€/inhabitant, an average decline of 22.8€ since 2014 Versailles occupies second place while it was the big winner in 2014. Creteil jumped up to 10th place from the bottom of the ranking and Vitry-sur-Seine lost 8 places. Dunkirk and Fort-de-France remain stuck at the tail of the ranking.

Cherbourg-en-Cotentin is making headway

Administered since 2016 by Benoit Arrivé, the city of Cherbourg can be proud of its bronze medal. "A good manager knows how to maintain taxes while guaranteeing a high level of investment," says the director of Ifrap in the pages of Le Point. The ranking takes into account the first two years of the mayor's term of office during which he effectively implemented his budget policy for the city: lower operating expenses (2,049€/inhabitant), lower expenses related to municipal staff (1149€/inhabitant) and debt down to 1,035€.
The prospects for the next term of office are good. Thanks to the creation of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, the territory was able to finance many projects that promise a new dynamic in the medium term. With its controlled public policy, the city of Cherbourg has maintained its third place for four years.

Photo: Cherbourg public Garden / J. M. Enault / C. C

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