In Caen, the shop C& Choux is a treat for young and old

Do you know how to puff a choux pastry like they do in Caen? It's a piece of cake for Anthony who knows how to roll the dough in his workshop/shop C& Choux. This temple of gluttony has been pampering the taste buds of Caen locals for over 6 years.


Choux pastry in all shapes and sizes

Judging by the interruptions during our interview, Anthony Le Rhun has many customers who love choux pastry. Especially women, he told me, seduced by the lightness and airy roundness of these plump bites. His monothematic shop is a concept rather in line with the culinary trends that favors themed shops. But do not be mistaken! The choux is not a one-trick pastry and can be adapted to all tastes: savory, sweet, simple choux or pastry-style, it lends itself to all combinations and adapts nicely. The lemon and caramel choux are right up there with the Saint-Honoré and Paris-Brest.


Pastry reorientation

A love affair with gastronomy that leads to a professional reconversion at the age of 28 with a degree in hand. Director of a ready-to-wear store, this foodie has always had a taste for culinary art, writing for a cooking blog and participating in amateur competitions. In 2012, he won the first prize of the "Cook Master Barrière" with "The choux of Lucien", a Paris-Brest toffee salted butter caramel that is well worth tasting and earned him recognition. Concocted in the kitchens of Fouquet's, It showcased his talents for a year... appearing on the menus of all the restaurants in the group.


The secret of making choux

He will not give away his cooking secrets, even under torture, and the mysterious alchemy of his laboratory, where the perfectionist works with his four pastry chefs, is a jealously guarded trademark. A slight of hand and a magic trick for this technical delicacy where temperature and cooking time require a subtle balance. And the quality of selected ingredients, locally sourced. Eggs and cream come from the farm, the flour from an organic miller from nearby La Manche.


The icing on the cake

Pastry workshops are available for adults and children. In his two-hour masterclass, led by his second chef, adult gourmets can get their hands dirty and then take their creations home. Anthony takes care of the budding pastry chefs: the little gourmands can work on the assembly of the pastries while licking the spoons.

A fairy tale-like journey for this determined man, a great admirer of virtuoso Philippe Conticini, known for his cooking revolution.

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Pâtisserie C& Choux

2 rue Léon Lecornu

14000 CAEN


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