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News - 20/02/2018

Department of Aube: 10 good reasons to go to Troyes

Department of Aube: 10 good reasons to go to Troyes

Administrative center of the department of Aube, Troyes is a medieval town located in the Grand-Est region, known for its historic center, its cobbled streets or its half-timbered houses. What to do and what to see during a stay in Troyes en Champagne? We have you covered.

1. The alley of cats

Located in the "champagne cork", the famous historic center of Troyes, this alley is emblematic of the city of Troyes, and gives an idea of ​​what the city looked like in the Middle Ages. Formerly, it was called the Maillard Alley and was renamed "cats alley" because of its configuration: it is so narrow that the Trojans say that cats can jump from one roof to another without difficulty.


2. Stained Glass City

Aube en Champagne is the European stained glass capital. What could be more appropriate than to highlight this craftsmanship in a place that is entirely dedicated to it? Located in the heart of the Hôtel-Dieu-le-Comte in Troyes, a historic building dating from the 18th century, the City of Stained Glass aims to make this art accessible to all, through thirty stained glass windows.

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3. Troyes Andouillette

This culinary specialty is a true tradition, probably dating back to the Gallo-Roman era. The precise recipe of Troyes andouillette is a mystery, even if we know the ingredients that make it up: truffles, pork stomachs, salt, pepper, herbs and spices. The andouillette of Troyes then simmers during hours in a court-bouillon with vegetables.


4. The Champagne-region houses

The rustic charm of Troyes undoubtedly comes from its colorful half-timbered houses, which unveil the skeleton of the buildings. These half-timbered houses are found in the historic center of the city. They testify to the history of Troyes, but also a catastrophic event, since the majority of them were built after a devastating fire occurred in 1524.


5. The churches and the cathedral

The cathedral Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul is located in the heart of the "champagne cork". Built between the 13th and the 17th century, it houses the tomb of Francis II of Brittany and Marguerite de Foix. This Gothic building is enhanced by 500m² of stained glass.

In Troyes, there are also nine churches, which contribute to the cultural richness of the city: the Sainte-Madeleine church, the Saint-Pantaléon church, the Saint-Jean-au-Marché church, the Saint-Rémy church, the Saint-Nicolas church, the Saint-Nizier church, the Saint-Martin-es-Vignes church, the Notre-Dame-des-Trévois church and the Saint-Urbain basilica.

Practical information

Location: The Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul Cathedral, Place Saint-Pierre, 10000 Troyes

Contact: +33 (0) 3 25 76 98 18


6. The house of Auguste Renoir

It is not located in Troyes itself, but it is worth a side trip. The house of Auguste Renoir, famous impressionist painter, is in Essoyes, a charming town located less than an hour from Troyes. To visit this house, which has earned the Maison des Illustres label from the Ministry of Culture, is to enter into the intimacy of the artist's family.

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7. Paris-Troyes

This pastry was imagined by Pascal Caffet, pastry chef and chocolatier but also the best worker of France pastry chef and world champion of the dessert trade. Particularly gourmet, it is composed of an almond biscuit, caramelized puff pastry topped with almond praline cream mousse, vanilla cream and chocolate sauce.

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8. The House of Workers' Tools and Thought

Located in the heart of the Hôtel de Mauroy, a renaissance-style mansion, the House of Worker’s Tool and Thought houses 11,000 hand-shaping tools. dating from the 18th and 19th centuries. What for? To present a hundred crafts of wood, iron, leather and stone and discover the expertise of craftsmen.

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9. The Apothecary

The Apothecary of Troyes, located in the walls of the Hôtel-Dieu-le-Comte, just like the City of Stained Glass, dates from the eighteenth century. It is considered one of the most beautiful apothecaries in France because its wooden shelves are filled with pillboxes and rare albarelli - pharmacy pots dating from the sixteenth century.

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10. La Prunelle

In Troyes, you do not just drink champagne. La Prunelle is also a specialty of the city. It is a 40° liqueur made from sloe nuts, the fruit of wild prune or blackthorn plants, made since 1840. This drink typical of the city was awarded the gold medal at the Paris World Fair in 1900.

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