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Smartappart Troyes - 02/04/2019

The Soufflet malting company continues its international expansion and sets up shop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The Soufflet malting company continues its international expansion and sets up shop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The small grain business in the French Aube department has come a long way over 60 years. Soufflet is a key player today in barley growing in 19 countries. On March 13, 2019, it laid the foundation stone of its Ethiopian plant which is expected to produce 80,000 metric tons (78,736 imperial tons) of malt by 2020


A country with great potential

Agriculture is the economic engine of the country and cereals are basic elements of Ethiopian cuisine and barley is an ingredient of the teella, local beer.  As the leading producer in Africa and the fourth largest producer of beer, Ethiopia cultivates 2 million metric tons (1,968,413 imperial tons) of food and feed barley a year. To meet demand, 70% of malt requirements are imported. The Ethiopian government is therefore promoting the establishment of international enterprises to reduce its imports and limit spending in foreign currency.  By promoting its know-how, the French company wants to increase the malt supply for this growing industry and stimulate local demand.


Exporting its know-how

Since 2016, Soufflet has been initiating a major project involving an agronomic program and the construction of a local malting plant close to farmland. Two full-time people have been working with local producers for three years and are conducting trials and registrations of barley varieties. A team now reinforced by 6 people and whose workforce should triple in 2020. In the long term, Soufflet Malt Ethiopia aims for a production capacity of 80,000 metric tons (78,736 imperial tons). And the creation of 300 jobs for a 100% local sector.


Know-how and sharing

For a centenary, this family-owned multinational is in fine form! Malt is its business, but the food giant collects and processes all kinds of cereals, wheat, rice, corn, from seed to bakehouse. With 4 billion euros in turnover, 29 factories in Europe, 8 mills in France and Europe and 7000 employees spread over 19 countries, it invests in research for new uses of agro-resources and subscribes to a sustainable development approach. A culture of sharing and excellence cultivated from father to son.

Photo: Soufflet Group



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