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Made in Cherbourg, the ParaPactum umbrella goes on a mission to win the heart of the Middle East

Made in Cherbourg, the ParaPactum umbrella goes on a mission to win the heart of the Middle East

It protects from rain but also from attacks: this umbrella will be one of the attractions of Milipol Qatar, an international exhibition dedicated to the internal security of states in the Middle East.

What to do with an umbrella in Qatar, a country where it never rains? A weapon of deterrence and close protection for influential figures! The ParaPactum is a French exception, flagship of the company Le Parapluie de Cherbourg (The Umbrella of Cherbourg). To promote it, its president Charles Yvon is present this year at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center from March 15 to 17, 2021. This is the 13th edition of an event held every two years in Doha, under the authority of the Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior of Qatar. About thirty French companies are represented at the France division.

A strategic trade show

An international event for the safety and internal security of states in the Middle East, Milipol Qatar is renowned for the professionalism of its participants, the quality of innovative products and services on display. It represents a gateway to all markets in the Gulf region and allows key players in the sector to meet in a booming environment in order to finalize economic and strategic projects in the mid to long term.  Covered by 352 journalists, the previous edition brought together 222 exhibitors from 24 countries and 8487 professionals from more than one hundred countries.

An umbrella without equivalent in the world

Under elegant lines of a luxury umbrella, the ParaPactum is a protective device that hides its game well. Patented in 2011, it contains specific materials and sports a foolproof structure inspired by the extreme tests of Formula 1. 176 pieces are needed to make its protective dome. Tested in a wind tunnel by the Institut Aéronautique de Saint-Cyr-l'Ecole du CNAM and then by the GSPR (Group for the Security of the President of the French Republic), the ParaPactum is recognized as a protection device for prominent people.

A tailor-made protective device

The ParaPactum is a protective device specifically dedicated to the security detail. With its carbon mast, it withstands more than 100 kg of pressure and winds of more than 200 km/hour. Equipped with an instant deployment, it can be used against the projection of elements thrown at full power (stone, bocce balls, acid jets), repels crowd movements and acts as a shield against knife or ice pick attacks. It also allows a quick and secure evacuation due to its 8-sided wing and its 130-centimeter (51-inch) wingspan.

No wonder a one-day training is planned for bodyguards wanting to handle this umbrella of over 2 kg (4.4 lbs)!

SMARTAPPART, the housing solution in the city of Cherbourg

The SMARTAPPART residential hotel is a budget alternative to hotels in the city of Cherbourg. Rates are discounted starting from two nights. Its furnished and connected apartments are suitable for any type of stay, business trip or family getaway. Emergency health measures have been taken to secure facilities and minimize contact. With its innovative concept of online booking and payment and its minimal staff, SMARTAPPART makes every effort to guarantee your autonomy and the tranquility of your stay.

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