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4 - 14/05/2019

You were born on D-Day in Normandy? Your testimony is precious

You were born on D-Day in Normandy? Your testimony is precious

All those born on the day of disembarkation have a memorable birthday. A collection of testimonies related to this unique day of birth is the idea of the journalist Lou Benoist to create an exhibition, a book and a documentary.


Born June 6, 1944

A symbolic date if ever there was one. To be born on an historic day when so many young men were mown down in the prime of life on the beaches of Normandy is a handoff in the continuum of history. Individual stories as part of history and anecdotes about coming to the world at high risk.


Intimate testimony

At a time when there are fewer and fewer veterans, it is necessary to keep remembrance alive differently and to look for new ways to perpetuate memory. The Normandy region is working energetically to this end, but it is also possible to speak of the experience of war for those people who didn't live through it but whose history is intimately linked to this exceptional day. Born in the rubble of Saint-Lô, without her husband arrested by the Germans, without midwife .... This day when everything is a blur, where the national tumult meets the revolution of birth! This exceptional adventure, transmitted from generation to generation, can be relayed more widely thanks to the testimonials collected by the journalist who delivers the memories in a very nice piece of journalistic work.


The children of D-Day have the floor

A dozen Normans have already contacted Lou Benoist. Videos and testimonials are carefully aggregated. Assisted by the archives staff of Calvados which opens its registers, the young woman, somewhere between journalist and historian, continues her action by participating in "Normandy for peace" an initiative launched by the region. All the testimonies could be the subject of an exhibition on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the landing in June in Charbon (Courseulles-sur-mer on June 15).

It could also be enriched with a documentary and a book after the summer.

Photo: Lou Benoist


To contact Lou Benoist :

+33 6-71-40-49-82


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