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4 - 17/05/2019

D-Day 75th Anniversary: Taxi Charity for Military Veterans to Carry British Veterans

D-Day 75th Anniversary: Taxi Charity for Military Veterans to Carry British Veterans

They are called Graham, Franck, Frederick and they would not miss it for anything in the world. This may be the last time they will pay homage to their brothers in arms. When the London taxi procession arrives at Benouville near Pegasus Bridge, the veterans will be cheered by the crowd. "As long as I can, I'll come back," they say to remember and pass on.


The back story

The Taxi Charity for Military Veterans Association continues a tradition of mutual aid begun in 1948.It was then necessary to support young English fighters who struggled to find their marks. Born from a pact sealed in a pub in Fulham, London, the association is committed to offering them comfort by funding outings and entertainment in France, England and the Netherlands.


A heartfelt story

For those nonagenarians and centenarians who are sometimes widowed and very isolated, this is a unique opportunity to get out of solitude, to create strong bonds with the drivers and the association's volunteers and to meet again with friends met during the common festivities. Many volunteer taxi drivers from London (and Birmingham) make it a point of honor to assist these veterans who are the living memory of our history. In 2017, 90 taxis offered the "back to the beaches" trip. In 2019, they will be even more numerous: "It's the least we can do for them!"


History with a capital H for D-Day

On June 6, commemorations of the 75th anniversary of D-Day will begin. It will be an opportunity for Normandy to shine around the world and lead the memorial observation. Let's hope that the weather will be milder than the week of D-Day when the weather played with the nerves of 250,000 soldiers, sailors and airmen.

We are still waiting for the official program of commemorations .But the festivities will be in full swing in Normandy and the city of Caen and its Memorial will be at the heart of the celebrations. British veterans will travel the beaches of their memory aboard charming London taxis to revive these founding days of our history.

Photo: Jo Ward Photography / Flick R


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