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1 - 16/09/2019

Will you be the four millionth visitor to the Cherbourg Cite de la Mer in September 2019?

Will you be the four millionth visitor to the Cherbourg Cite de la Mer in September 2019?

It’s a bountiful catch for the Cité de la Mer which was filled with 97 000 visitors in July and August. The heat wave can go back to where it came from! The big splash of the month of July records its biggest affluence since the opening of the City in 2002 and the off-the-deep-end record of August 14th place the bar of affluence very high for summer 2020.


Full house for the summer of 2019

Bernard Cauvin, CEO of the Cité de la Mer, can silence the critics and the pessimists: who says that the attendance at the Cité increases when it rains in Cherbourg? With 40,000 visitors in July and 57,000 admissions in August, it is a hit during a heat wave, recording 7,000 more visitors than last year and showing a 35% increase over July 2018. Of the 40% of Normans, the affluence record belongs to Manche and Calvados. Outside the department, the Hauts-de-Seine made a remarkable boost. 16% of foreigners also plunged head first.


The ocean of the future has boosted the Cité

With his exhibit Ocean of the future inaugurated in May 2019, the Cité has expanded an already varied offer: visits to the Redoutable (nuclear attack submarine), trip aboard the Titanic, great gallery of men and machines and submersions aboard a simulator. The former maritime terminal has been able to innovate with its three spectacular multimedia floors dedicated to the ocean and its 17 aquariums, including the deepest aquarium in Europe. There is no doubt that the blue waters of the depths have refreshed bodies and minds!


New appointments for autumn

The 4,000,000th visitor is expected this fall. He or she will be celebrated properly, so dive in for it! Why not take advantage of the next free conference of the series "In the name of the sea" with expert Christian Buchet, academic and economist? (September 17) Or join the 40 voices that will address the public and students (October 14 and 15)? Jacques Perrin, director of the film Mer et Océan, will be the spokesperson for the occasion. If you have your sea legs, you can also visit the scientific schooner Tara with the director of the foundation. Photo: OT de Cherbourg


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