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1 - 24/06/2019

Cherbourg leads the Normandy region in the Le Point special edition ranking of the most attractive cities in France

Cherbourg leads the Normandy region in the Le Point special edition ranking of the most attractive cities in France

The beautiful Cotentin has assets in its Channel and wins the 15th position among agglomerations from 80,000 to 250,000 inhabitants, in front of Le Havre and Caen. Combining dynamism and quality of life, Cherbourg dominates the Normandy region.


It is a very coveted place. When the weeklies (Le Point, L'Express) release their annual list of the most attractive cities of France, regions and municipalities are in commotion and it's the jackpot for those who win the bet. A good rank is an immediate media spotlight to highlight the dynamism of a city, the result of an environmental, cultural and economic policy that takes time to bear fruit.


According to the June 13, 2019 edition of Le Point, Cherbourg is well rated on the criteria of economic dynamism and quality of life. It is less outstanding regarding mobility and its inefficient rail network. This does not prevent it from passing in front of the city of Caen (19th), which has a European airport. It must be said that this Cotentin pearl is formidable, like the magnificent submarine at its Cité de la Mer.


A city facing the sea with its five ports (leisure, trade, fishing, cruise and military), sheltered from storms by the harbor built by Vauban, Cherbourg has invested heavily in its City of the Sea situated in the transatlantic station: its Titanic exhibition (new revolutionary immersive attraction) and tours of the submarine Le Redoutable are the jewels of the city. A wind of innovation and daring blows on Cherbourg which has exploited its maritime past as a cultural and economic manna. This fourth largest city in Normandy is the largest employment pool in the English Channel with shipbuilding and boating.


On the garden side, Cherbourg has a green thumb. Botanical gardens flourish thanks to the gulf stream including some remarkable and award-winning gardens (Liais Park, Ravalet castle garden). Property of the Conservatoire du Littoral, the Roche Fauconnière park, 7 hectares, 4 of which are classified, is an Eden for botanists. With a temperate climate between 3 and 20 degrees Celsius (37-68° F), exotic plants flourish! Forerunner in the sustainable management of green spaces, the city is committed to zero pesticides and distributes seeds to the inhabitants to plant along the walls. A sustainable development policy that also affects transportation by giving priority to cycling via cycle lanes and pedestrian bridges.


Cherbourg is the indeed a regal destination in Normandy. For the 20th edition of its multidisciplinary festival, the Art'zimutés, visitors will be able to revel from 27 to 29 June.

Photo JM Enault / CC

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