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Smartappart Caen - 05/02/2020

In Calvados, the city of Caen is in the Top 10 green cities of France

In Calvados, the city of Caen is in the Top 10 green cities of France

Caen is the only city in Normandy to be included in the top 10 of the Green Cities Observatory (Observatoire des villes vertes, OVV), unveiled on Tuesday, February 4, 2020. Good news for the city of Caen which has highlighted its natural spaces.

Analyze the policies of municipalities in the maintenance of their natural spaces

The green spaces directorates of the 50 largest cities in France were interviewed from August to October 2019. The ranking includes six categories: Natural Spaces, Green Investment in the city, Biodiversity Conservation Policy, Natural Spaces promotion Policy and green waste management and momentum of progress. The cumulation of points obtained on the different criteria determines the score (out of 100) and the overall ranking within the list. 1.3% of the cities' budget is allocated to the creation of new natural spaces, or 76€/inhabitant, with a budget which has slightly increased since 2017.

An 8th place in gold... and green 

Density of natural spaces, budget allocated to vegetation, protection of biodiversity are criteria that count in this list published every three years bringing together the National Union of landscape companies and Hortis. The city of Caen has significant assets that it knows how to promote.
La Colline aux oiseaux (the bird hill), a landscaped park of 17 hectares, is a Norman Eden composed of Gardens, Rose Garden and plant labyrinth. The banks of the Orne (recently replanted) or the canal are also beautiful getaways and the Bike Francette, greenway that leads to La Rochelle, is very popular with Caennais and tourists.

In France, there are 11 trees per 100 inhabitants!

Caen is on the second step of the podium in the "Natural Spaces" category just behind Angers.The disparities between cities are such that the density of green spaces varies from 2 to 204 m2 / inhabitant! In addition, Caen's ecological policy prohibits crop protection products in the maintenance of Parks and gardens. Caen thus obtained the fourth place in the "maintenance" category behind Metz, Angers and Vitry-sur-Seine.  If Angers and Nantes have held since 2014 the first places in the ranking, the emergence of Caen in the Top 10 rewards the green ambition of the city.
Vegetalization is a major economic and health issue for the territories. Policies are unfolding and three out of four cities are also calling on   citizens' green thumbs to participate in this plant embellishment.
Photo: flower park of Ornano in Caen / M. Strikis / C. C.

The accommodation solution in the city of Caen

Smartappart residential hotels are a budget alternative to hotels. In the heart of the city, its two establishments, located rue Grusse and place de la République, offer a convenient rental formula with furnished apartments from studios to one-bedrooms. Their discounted prices starting from two nights allow you to go green while serenely visiting Norman Switzerland!

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