The city of Caen has been promoted "tourist municipality" since 11 December 2019

Thanks to this valuable label, the city of Caen, "tourist municipality," has now joined the 1,300 communities already recognized in 2019.

This good news rewards the city of Caen's vitality

Awarded by prefectoral order for a five-year term, the "tourist municipality" label, defined by articles L. 133-11 and L. 133-12 of the Tourism Law meets three criteria: have a recognized tourist office, durably organize touristic activities and have a capacity for accommodation which is aimed at non-resident populations. Being designated a tourist municipality provides various advantages to the community itself or to its inhabitants. 


Advantages for the city and its inhabitants

Among other advantages, temporary authorizations for the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages during tourist events, permission for licensed or unlicensed city agents to help the municipal police, and the authorization to open bars up to a ratio of one per 450 inhabitants. The "tourist municipality" label is the first level of a classification which has two levels.


A demanding second label in sight

The second, more demanding level is to be recognized as a "tourist resort". The label rewards the efforts made to provide a well-adapted tourist offering and excellent hospitality. Meeting these demanding criteria is rewarded with a twelve-year distinction. The new regulation which came into effect in July 2019 allows for the promotion of 400 tourist resorts among the tourist municipalities.


The touristic diversity of the city of a hundred steeples

For the city of Caen, having earned this first distinction may open the way to reaching the second echelon as a "tourist resort". The beauty has many advantages: the wide variety of its museum offerings (Museum of Beaux-Arts, Caen Memorial, Normandy Museum), its rich heritage (Abbaye aux Dames, castle, Saint-Jean Church), not to mention its entertainment venues (Zenith, Cargo, Theatre) and the peaceful haven of the Botanical Park and the "hill of birds." 


An original accommodation option

The SMARTAPPART residential hotel expands the city's accommodation capacity. Its two establishments, located at 16 rue Grusse and 17 place de la République, offer quality, furnished apartments as an economical alternative to hotels. Studios, one-bedrooms and duplexes offer a convenient rental option which is suited to all types of stay: short, medium or long-term.

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