Nice catch for the port of Lorient: its ISO 14001 standard certification has just been renewed until 2022

This is the kind of standard difficult to obtain and even more so to keep as the requirements are drastic to deserve the precious certification. After an initial ISO 14001 certification in 2016, the port of Lorient Keroman maintained its course on sustainable and socially responsible development and even managed to extend it to two new areas.


The ISO 14001 standard

ISO 14001 certifies recovery of waste, total control of industrial wastewater discharges and training of personnel to implement practices that integrate the environmental dimension of the site. The standard, subjected annually to an external audit, can be reevaluated during the three-year period. All port stakeholders are on the bridge to ensure high-performance and exemplary activity.


Lorient, exemplary port...

The first port of Brittany has been promoting good practices for years. Fishermen have evolved to minimize their impact on the environment: reduction of pollution (diesel and refrigerant gases), sustainable consumption (fresh water, electricity), advanced equipment (zero-carbon boats), selective fishing (preservation of seabeds and widened net mesh). A fishing network helps maintain a short circuit to guarantee a sustainable sector from the fishing boat to the plate. Drawn by the dynamism of the site, a rich pool of companies allows for fruitful synergies.


... and avant-garde port

Lorient Keroman is the first to have installed a modern water-treatment system that earned it its first certification. On its quayside of 7 hectares, the Ship repair area can accommodate up to 20 boats per day and 250 / year. It has an elevator, one of the most powerful in Europe, to ground any type of ship. Fifty companies provide their services and compose a powerful industrial fabric.


3 areas involved

The certification, extended this year to two other sites, now encompasses three areas grouped under the term "Keroman naval construction and repair pole": first maintenance workshops that connect the fishing pole and Arn and then to the left bank of Scorff.


This ship-repair area can be proud of its leadership. The ship repair sector, which employs a thousand people in Lorient, is teeming with projects to perpetuate its charter of quality.


Photo: Port Lorient Keroman


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