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6 - 13/05/2019

The city of Saint-Nazaire is looking for greeters

The city of Saint-Nazaire is looking for greeters

Do you know Saint-Nazaire like the back of your hand and want to share it with tourists? The greeters offer, launched by the Tourist Office of Saint-Nazaire, will fit you like a glove.


The greeter pioneers

The movement was born in New York in 1992. It was meant to improve the image of the Big Apple, deemed dangerous, expensive and oppressive. The concept is fairly new in France but is starting to get traction. Discovering a city through its inhabitants who become ambassadors of their territory is now in vogue and another way of experiencing the city with participatory tourism.


A new form of tourism

When volunteer residents give their time to help others discover their city, it is because they have tips to share and an insider's viewpoint which can only be original. Far from the beaten path of professional tourism and the formatting of professional guides, greeters are committed to sharing their favorite spots and the lesser-known parts of their city.


A personable approach

No training is required, just the desire to share. You will be a friendly guide during a visit of your own making. Only enthusiasm and altruism are in order. Culture and knowledge are welcome but there is no obligation of scholarship. Come as you are! Conviviality is the key element of the walk.


Follow the guide!

Do you live in one of the following towns: Besné, La Chapelle-des-Marais, Donges, Montoir-de-Bretagne, Saint-André-des-eaux, Saint-Joachim, Saint-Malo-de-Guersac, Trignac or Saint- Nazaire? Do you like your region and your city and want to share it with tourists? Are you curious, open and have lots of addresses and anecdotes to share? Fill out this application form (in French).

For more information, you can also contact Elsa at the intercommunal Office de Tourisme at +33-2-40-22-40-65

Photo: Tourist Office of Saint-Nazaire


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