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Smartappart Troyes - 30/09/2019

The 2019/2020 l'Etudiant ranking of places Troyes in 28th position of the most attractive cities

The 2019/2020 l'Etudiant ranking of places Troyes in 28th position of the most attractive cities

Troyes the beautiful, its treasured cathedrals, city of the half-timbers and cats hidden in the alleys but also Troyes the erudite, guardian of the universities and the grandes écoles. Judging by the 12,000 students who flock there each fall, it's a good city to live and study in. This is confirmed by L'Etudiant's ranking, which awards it 28th place in a panel of 44 cities.

We knew that this town had a heart, a colourful sculpture on the quays which seals the vows of lovebirds. A romantic place prized by students of the Aube department who begin their student marathon with "les clés de Troyes", a sporting, fun and cultural raid as a means to discover the heritage and the associative fabric of the city. This community event sets the tone for three days: everything is done to make the 9,000 students feel at home.


28th place overall

The magazine L'Etudiant publishes every year its list of the best student cities of France. 44 cities with more than 8,000 students are rated according to criteria of living environment, training programs, cost of housing and transport, hospitality. Though Toulouse, Lyon and Montpellier take the lion's share by winning the first steps of the podium 2019/2020, Troyes has a very nice 28th place in the rankings behind Tours, Chambéry and Orléans and ahead of Limoges, Amiens and Arras. Le Mans is the city where housing doesn't cost an arm and a leg, Arras has the best transportation and La Rochelle attracts like a magnet on a compass.


Third place for medium-sized student city

Not all cities compete in the same category. The student metropolitan areas are favoured on the basis of jobs, training and attractiveness. It was therefore justified to define a further ranking by size from 8,000 to 20,000 students where Troyes comes in third position behind Pau and La Rochelle (1) and Chambéry and Orléans (2). This small town in the Grand Est region, which has tripled its student population in 10 years, can be proud of these rankings, which reflect a good student dynamic. Without champagne (like Reims) or sunshine (like Marseilles), the city stands out with its forests, its medieval cachet and its ultra-natural living environment. And why not enjoy the Culture-Leisure Pass’3 which offers discounted rates for shows, cinema and bowling?

The housing solution in Troyes:

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