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Splash in Cherbourg

Splash in Cherbourg

In this heatwave, you should appreciate this really  refreshing and new idea by Cherbourg's storekeeper, as a matter of fact they will put up a waterslide on the «  Plage Verte  »  ! This is totally unseen as it represent «  the biggest slide ever build up in France  » says the Cherbourg storekeepers Union (UCC).. This waterslide is 45 metres long and 8 metres high  !
The water slide will be on for about one month (paying 5 euros for 6 descents). Games will be organised to win the descents' tickets.
On the logistical side there will be some locker rooms and snacks will be waiting for you at the end of the slide.  It should be noted that the Plage Verte 's parking will remain free.

Useful info:

From July 10th to August 9th

5 euros for 6 waterslide's descents

Facebook Page of the event

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