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The Quasar partially open its doors

The Quasar partially open its doors

Still under construction, the new Cherbourg's cultural center – the Quasar – organised its open public tour yet, just to make us wait a little more... 200 people has been invited yesterday and today in visiting the streets of the new town center waiting the library's and the Thomas Henry museum's opening.

The library

Even if the 250 000 books' moving is finished yet, the new Quasar's library will open on November 28th, we still have to put the book on the shelves...

The Thomas Henry museum

Concerning the Thomas Henry museum, we don't have an opening day yet, we only know that it will open after the library, we need to wait for the air conditioning's work end, to not damage the artworks and to hang them up.

Image: Quasar, outside view  © Cherbourg-Octeville city

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