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Smartappart Lorient - 26/09/2020

In Lorient, Freeze-dried & Co is at the helm!

In Lorient, Freeze-dried & Co is at the helm!

The Lorient-based company specialized in food autonomy, Freeze-dried & Co, sells its freeze-dried and sterilized products worldwide. To support its growth and diversification, it moved to new premises in Lorient.

Pioneer in autonomous nutrition

It has been 10 years since Sweden's Ariane Pehrson started her company to improve the supply of provisions for sailors. This skipper's wife has specialized in quality products made for long-term storage and outdoor consumption. A winning bet since she quickly began working for the Vendée Globe, the Route du Rhum and the Volvo Ocean Race. At the Lorient submarine base, she is hard at work to identifying the needs of navigators.

Eat well in all circumstances

Ariane Pehrson changed the market codes by referencing nearly a thousand products from fifty suppliers, storing them in Lorient, and selling them via the internet. The Web quickly became the obvious choice to present her range of products to people who need to feed themselves in various circumstances (mountain, trekking, travel, explorations, work abroad and emergency situations).

The health crisis boom

Orders increased by 120% in January, 150% in February and 250% in March! Non-stop shipments from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. to institutions that anticipate crisis situations, to companies that run 24 hours a day but also to individuals who stockpile! The most requested products during the pandemic? The compact ration NRG-5, which is found on board life rafts and canned cooked dishes  that can be stored for up to 25 years and in freeze-dried packets for up to seven years.
Still located at the offshore racing hub off Lorient, Freeze-dried & Co has changed premises and multiplied by 4 its storage capacity, logistics and teams. An open space and an on-site welcome for those who want advice and supplies. 

The housing solution in Lorient

The Smartappart residential hotel is an economical alternative to hotels in the city of Lorient. Located in the city center, these furnished apartments are suitable for any type of stay, short, medium or long term. For your business or family trips, Smartappart has reinforced its health protocols to guarantee your safety during your stay.


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