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Smartappart Caen - 04/01/2022

Agrial recognized as a "Food Bank Solidarity Company"

Agrial recognized as a "Food Bank Solidarity Company"

On World Food Day, the cooperative group Agrial signs a framework partnership with the French federation of food banks.

Enhanced support

Distributed throughout the territory, food banks collect and share 112,500 tons of food all year round. The Framework Convention aims to strengthen an existing long-term partnership. It makes it possible to structure the donations of foodstuffs and non-food products, to accompany the development of the association by financial patronage and to strengthen its support to the food banks that are the primary beneficiaries of Agrial's donations. In 2020, Agrial distributed 1,000 tons of products to charities or caregivers, which is 25% more than in 2019. "Because food resources are scarce and precious, fighting against waste in all its forms is an imperative for Agrial," said Ludovic Spiers, Agrial's Managing Director.

From the pitchfork to the fork

With 150 sites located in 11 countries, Agrial articulates its action with 12,000 member farmers and 21,000 employees. This French agricultural and agri-food cooperative values and markets the productions of its farmers in various branches of activity: milk, fresh fruits and vegetables, drinks and meats. Strongly committed to values such as sustainability, proximity, solidarity and boldness, Agrial develops responsible and efficient agriculture and offers consumers a safe, healthy and tasty food. 

A strategic project by 2025

From the farmer to the consumer, Agrial's cooperative model is based on the complementarity of agricultural and agri-food activities, the diversity of its productions and its markets as well as its presence throughout the value chain. Despite a difficult health context, the group achieved 6 billion euros in turnover in 2020. This unprecedented year has made it possible to accelerate the transformation of its cooperative model as part of a project initiated in 2017. It aims to develop differentiating and value-creating sectors, digitalize and empower the cooperative in terms of the environment.
Joining the circle of companies stamped "Food Bank Solidarity Company" is a deserved recognition for its sustainable development approach and the commitment of many sites and entities of the Cooperative.

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