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Smartappart Lorient - 26/01/2022

From March 20 to 27, the Pêcheurs du monde (Fishermen of the World) festival is anchored in Lorient

From March 20 to 27, the Pêcheurs du monde (Fishermen of the World) festival is anchored in Lorient

A place for meetings and exchanges, this Fishermen of the World festival unique in Europe presents every year new maritime images and promotes meetings between the public and fishing and maritime professionals; 

Outreach of the territory

It has already been 14 years since this international festival has been contributing to the promotion of maritime culture in Brittany. The screenings and other animations take place in different locations in Lorient and the Morbihan. In partnership with municipalities, local associations, universities, schools (including the awarding of the Middle-School Students' Prize), this cultural event sensitizes the entire population to the importance of the maritime field.

Giving voice to those who do not have one

Fishermen, filmmakers, scientists and artists will be at the rendezvous of this citizen reflection on the Oceans. On the frontline, fishermen from all over the world will share their daily lives, express their passion for the open ocean but also the fears and hopes they have for the future of the oceans and fishing professions.

The ambivalence of the offshore call

The maritime beauty arouses much interest and more and more young people and women are attracted by these demanding professions. The succession is assured to continue feeding humanity. But the sea is also at the crossroads of economic and environmental issues: from the exploitation of resources to renewable energies, pollution and plankton depletion issues, it is a changing world that must be taken care of for future generations.

The highlights

-Sunday, March 20: Ile de Groix

Screening of the documentary "Brise-lames" (breakwater), by Hélène Robert and Jérémy Perrin

-Tuesday, March 22: Ploemeur

Cine-concert with the director Yannick Charles

-Thursday, March 24: Lorient (Lycée Dupuy de Lôme)

4 days of competition for 11 films of all nationalities

With its rich program of about forty unreleased films shot in the Lorient area , this festival presents situational analysis of the oceans to raise public awareness of the crucial importance of the maritime domain.

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