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Smartappart Lorient - 06/07/2022

The tourist office of Lorient makes itself comfortable in premises near the train station

The tourist office of Lorient makes itself comfortable in premises near the train station

After 32 years spent in front of the Lorient marina, the Tourist Office of Lorient Agglomeration was a little cramped. It is now setting sail in the new sector a stone's throw from the train station. On the territory of the Lorient Agglomeration, the tourism sector represents 3,100 jobs, or 5.4% of the private salaried jobs in the Lorient region. To welcome and inform the many tourists, the  twenty permanent employees are doubled during the summer period. This next-generation agency will also make it possible to respond to new uses related to the digital revolution.

The showcase of the territory 

The new tourist office was inaugurated on May 17, 2022 in the presence of the mayor and president of Lorient agglomeration Fabrice Loher: Lorient South Brittany Tourism, our armed forces for the promotion of our tourist offer, deserves to have modern premises to welcome and inform the many tourists wishing to discover our territory between sea, harbor and valleys. Located at 45 bis boulevard Cosmao-Dumanoir, this new space allows visitors to be received in excellent conditions.

A surface of 700 m2 (7,534 sq ft) 

The employees have moved into a modern space in line with the expectations of the public. Six local companies worked on its development. The ground floor is dedicated to the reception of holidaymakers. Upstairs, services dedicated to the remote processing of inquiries and reservations. In line with the digital lifestyle, the visitor today has the choice between exchanging with a territory expert or searching for information independently thanks to the tablets available, free wifi, brochures or promotional videos.

Boost the dynamism of the neighborhood

"The new office will contribute to boosting the new train station district during its transformation" declared the elected official. It will also allow employees to work in better conditions. Indeed, if the House of the Sea located Quai de Rohan enjoyed a good situation, its dilapidation did not reflect the tourist dynamism of the city. It will be destroyed to allow a beautiful pedestrian esplanade to be built up to the Groix pier.

Still under study, a vehicle bearing the tourist office colors could be positioned in the heart of the city. But we will have to wait until the summer of 2023!
Lorient Brittany-South Tourism Office, 45 bis, boulevard Cosmao-Dumanoir, in Lorient.

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