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Smartappart Lorient - 08/07/2023

Bañuls Design strengthens its activities in the field of naval research

Bañuls Design strengthens its activities in the field of naval research

The naval architecture agency is diversifying and prioritizes applied research for the decarbonization of transport.
Architect by training, Renaud Bañuls is also a high-seas competitor who has distinguished himself as a skipper with Frank Cammas and by Michel Desjoyaux. His architectural and naval engineering company created in 2009, it is also renowned for its achievements in offshore racing (Sodebo Ultim 3) but also for its high-end pleasure boats.  Based in Larmor-Baden (56), the company comprises three divisions: the construction of pleasure sailboats and / or professional vessels such as container ships and passenger boats, competition naval architecture and a very dynamic Research division for several years.

The support of prestigious bodies

Supported by the National Research Agency for its work on the maritime energy transition, the Morbihan company collaborates with the Center for Applied Mathematics (CMAP, CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau) or the Pelagis Observatory of marine megafauna (University of La Rochelle, CNRS). Renaud is himself a teacher-researcher at the National School of Architecture of Nantes (ENSA Nantes) (translation).

Mathematical modeling

For two years, Bañuls Design has successfully experimented with statistical modeling to avoid collisions between ships and cetaceans or other unidentified floating objects. The race management of The Ocean Race has already ordered a study to optimize its course. Convinced by the contribution of fundamental research in the application of ecological solutions, the agency has formed a consortium of experts in its "Performance and Development" pole to develop the application of mathematical modeling to the nautical industry. "Applied mathematics allow us to quantify the uncertainty, simulate the prediction and make the materials and technologies already used more efficient," explains the director.

A five-year commitment

A grant of 400,000 euros has just been allocated to his work by the Polytechnic School of Palaiseau, INRIA and the National Research Agency. A five-year commitment to serve the maritime energy transition in the MATritime joint laboratory: "Our job is not to create new decarbonization technologies, but a methodology that tests and favors a less energy-intensive production" explains Renaud Bañuls.
This diversification of activities is already a success which generates 600,000 euros in turnover.
Banuls Design
9 Sentier Des Oiseaux 56870 Larmor-Baden 

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