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Smartappart Caen - 06/08/2023

The Norman SME Factem innovates for pilots in flight

The Norman SME Factem innovates for pilots in flight

The manufacturer of acoustic solutions for the aeronautical sectors develops helmets to assess the physiological capabilities of aircraft pilots in flight.
Based in Bayeux (Calvados), Factem currently has 70 employees and a turnover of €10.7 million. The European leader in audio accessories for civil and military aeronautics is constantly innovating in the acoustic sectors. 

Designing the technologies of the future

Factem is a member of the community French Fab which promotes innovative companies for the transformation of French industry through the dissemination of concepts and technologies of the future. It also benefited from the "Accelerator" program Aeronautics and Space (BPI France)" to accelerate its development. A company at the forefront of progress that has been dedicating 12% of its turnover for several years to R & D in acoustics, mechanics, electronics and project management. This high level of quality in demanding niche markets has allowed it to develop several projects with Airbus. Latest : a helmet capable of monitoring the physiological constants of the pilot in flight by measuring his heart rate.

Towards a fully operational pilot

The development of the helmet, which required a year of work, is part of the project Airbus single pilot Operation. The objective is to know the pilot's state of health and to improve safety by evaluating the pilot's ability to continue his flight. "Our helmet is part of a global system intended to facilitate the relay of pilots between themselves, according to their state of fatigue," says Quentin Plattier, product engineer at Factem. The other part of the project concerns the integration of electroencephalography sensors on a communicating helmet: "Electrodes capture the brain frequency, which makes it possible to measure the level of concentration, prevent discomfort, or even wake up the pilot if he has fallen asleep".

Protect from noise pollution

Passengers are also concerned. Factem is working with Arteac-Lab on the sound system of a headrest to isolate passengers from the noise generated by aircraft in flight. "This sound system must improve the comfort and user experience of the passenger. In addition, the objective with this innovation is also to reduce the amount of passive insulation installed on an airplane or a train, in a search for decarbonization solutions for transport" specifies Quentin Plattier.
This economic nugget which continues to expand its influence in the aeronautics sector is on the rise!

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