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1 - 29/10/2019

The Cotentin 2019 tourist year is an unqualified success

The Cotentin 2019 tourist year is an unqualified success

Cotentin has a bright future. The region is going all out and hopes to become one of Europe's top tourist destinations. 

Unbeatable weather

The Cotentin has enjoyed fair skies and an advantageous calendar. The heatwave of June and July attracted many tourists who wanted to cool off and the season started off with a bang. The foreign clientele was well represented. Short-term bookings were extended and accommodations were quickly sold out. This provided an opportunity for some to venture further out in the region and to discover the richness of the Department.

A well-furnished calendar

The year was also marked by great events: the Hermione stopover attracted 100,000 people in May, the title "Favorite village of the French" won by Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue is an unparalleled highlight for the village, the D-Day ceremonies in June, 46 cruise ship stops in Cherbourg, so many highlights for a notoriety that is soaring. Including the accolades given by the daily Libération which focused on the sub-prefecture of the Manche: "Cherbourg, stunning city", published on September 13, promotes the attractiveness of this home port, between commerce, fishing, pleasure and military history.


Since March 7, 2019, Cotentin has had its registered trademark. "Cotentin unique par nature" (Cotentin, unique by nature), first round of the action plan launched by the tourist office. A significant communication effort is aimed at attracting customers who do not know the region: "we are thinking about promoting our heritage and using networking to establish a garden route, for example. We also hope to announce by the end of the year the hosting of a great nautical race for next year. We also hope to attract a new population during the Normandy Impressionist Festival from April 3 to September 6, 2020", says the tourist office.

Plenty of projects for Cotentin, which still has some nice surprises in store for 2020 and promises beautiful getaways to lovers of large, unspoilt and wild spaces.


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