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Smartappart Lorient - 20/07/2022

In Lorient, SEAir partners with Al Seer Marine PJSC

In Lorient, SEAir partners with Al Seer Marine PJSC

When a Breton company specialized in the design of flying boats, SEAir, partners with the Emirati leader in ship design and manufacturing,  Al Seer Marine PJSC, they launch a range of eco-friendly high-speed ferries!

This partnership with the major player in the maritime sector in the Middle East gives wings to the Lorient company! Located in the Morbihan in Brittany, in the heart of the " Sailing Valley" (English translation) the cradle of nautical innovations, the company SEAir is specialized in the development of hydrofoil boats sailing above the water thanks to foils. Until then, oriented towards luxury yachting, passenger and military transport, it seals a major international partnership. Of 100% French design, the new generation ships will be manufactured in Abu Dhabi.

Boats with a reduced environmental impact

The concept of hydrofoils is a century old but SEAir has been able to evolve the systems by making them retractable and servo-controlled. Their foils make it possible to lift the boats out of the water for a less fuel-intensive navigation. Committed to the decarbonization of maritime mobility, SEAir increases its cruising speed and allows between 20 and 50% fuel economy: "The objective is to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030, we are there with our innovation. It is achievable, we prove it concretely," says Richard Forest, founder and CEO of SEAir. It is precisely this French expertise that makes it possible to forge this strategic partnership.

Flying lofts

The two companies will put into operation a high-performance ship capable of taking on board 60 to 80 passengers from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 2H30.  Capable of reaching 40 knots, these extremely stable ships will be able to fly over the sea thanks to their retractable foils.  The high-speed ferries will be equipped with a hybrid navigation system with electric propulsion for the departures and arrivals of boats in the port areas. An appreciable technical challenge for the comfort of passengers and an environmental legitimacy for the Emirati leader.

The French pool of this collaboration will bring together around SEAir the designer Sacha Lakic and the naval architect Mauric. The dream will come true in three years: these future high-speed ferries will transform crossings into unique experiences, suspended between sea and air!

© SEAir

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