The aquatic robot Jellyfishbot could soon clean up the waters of Cherbourg Harbour

This small remote-controlled robot manufactured by the French company Iadys is not swimming in troubled waters. Already tested in April 2019 by the Chantereyne port of Cherbourg, this pollution cleaner could be included in the city's budget in 2020.


This large fluorescent-yellow fish flits between the hulls of boats with the agility of an eel. Its garbage collection bag floats behind it like the tail of a Japanese carp. Equipped with a waterproof battery which can be recharged in two hours, it swallows on command the wastes and oil sheens. At 70 cm (27.5 in) long and wide, it weighs 18 kg (39.7 lbs) and can be raised with a gaffe ... before setting the Jellyfishbot free for its miraculous fishing. 

Founded in September 2016, Iadys designs and develops innovative technologies in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics for the environment. One of the founders, Nicolas Carlési, a PhD student in robotics and artificial intelligence, has been fascinated by the sea since childhood. The beginnings of his action for aquatic pollution control arose during a trip to Sicily. The Jellyfishbot is part of a global project "The Sea-neT", dedicated to marine ecology.

There is no doubt that this robot will be more efficient than tedious manual collection with the net! It can clean 1000 square meters (10,763 sq. ft.) per hour and its three electric motors propel it at the speed of a knot. It can be equipped with ultra-absorbent wipes to capture oil slicks on the surface. Goodbye nets, plastics, bottles! The robot will soon be equipped with a laser to detect obstacles and collect waste autonomously. A necessary investment for Cherbourg heavily frequented by cruise ships and ferries with disastrous ecological impact.

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